USB Rechargeable Wind-Proof Lighter Phone Cover

By Godspeed Innovative

$9.90 $19.90
Godspeed Innovative Products
This Luxury Series Mobile Phone Cover Will Change The Way You Light Up Forever
A Mobile Phone Cover And Electronic Flame-less Lighter At The Same Time
Designed And Inbuilt With An USB Rechargeable Electronic Flame less And Wind-Proof Lighter
Be The Special Lot To Bring This New Style Of Lighting Up With Your Mobile Phone 
Amaze Your Friends And By-Standers
Suitable For Special Functions Where Style Is Important!
Super Intelligent Gadget Introduction :
1) Sliding Three Times Of The Switch Swiftly In One Motion Downwards Will Lock The Heating Mechanism And Disallow Lighting Coil From Heating Up (For Safety Needs)
2) Repeat Sliding Of Switch For Three Times Downwards In One Motion Again And It Will Regain It's Normal Lighting Up Function
3) Intelligent Auto Intense Heat Cut Off After 10 Seconds!
Hard Cover Aluminium Alloy Cases
Made From High-Quality And Durable Material
Fashionable Luxury Design Exclusively Designed Mobile Phone Hard Cover Shell With Inbuilt USB
Rechargeable Flame-less Lighter
Powered by a rechargeable battery With Blue LED Light
No Gas/Fuel needed

Rechargeable By Using USB Cable And Does Not Need Refilling 

Flame-less and electronically charged / operated 

Environmentally Friendly 

Uses Intense Heat To Light Cigarettes 

Lights A Cigarette In Any Weather 

Portable And Convenience To Carry Around With Your Mobile Phone 

Perfect Travelling Gadget   

Fashionable Design And Unique Product

Simple And Easy To Install

Perfectly Conforms To The Shape Of Your Phone

Protect Your Phone From Dirt / Scratching / Bumps / Shock

Available Models For IPhone 6 / 5 / 5S And Samsung Galaxy S5 / Note 2 / Note 3

Package Includes : 

1 x USB Rechargeable Electronic Lighter Phone Cover

1 x USB Charging Cable

Available in  Black / Gold / Blue / Silver / Pink

USB Rechargeable Lighter Phone Cover

Warning : 

Please plug the mobile cover into the charging interface properly and use the qualified charging tool

Do not allow kids to play with the cover when it is in heating mode

Do not dismantle the mobile phone cover

Do not use hard objects to poke or press against the heating coils strongly

Do not use the mobile phone heating coil as a normal lighter to light up other substances

Use it for the specific usage as shown in the listing page

Do not submerge the mobile phone cover in water or other kind of liquid

Do not plug the mobile phone cover in computer or charger for a long time


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