Universal One Touch Mobile Phone Holders

By Godspeed Innovative

$1.90 $4.90

Godspeed Innovative Products

Universal One Touch Or Press To Change Product Into Hands Free Holder To
Enable Positioning Of Your Phones To Sit Up On Your Desk While Letting You Enjoy Movies And Games Without Holding It In Place 
Becomes A Grip Around Your fingers Once You Hold It In Your Hands
Transform It Back Flat When Not In Use And Become A Decoration Design For Your Phone!

Made Of High-Quality Silicone Material
Provide A Stable Support For Mobile Phones
Easy To Apply & Remove Easily
Cute And Creative Design
Compatible With Most Mobile Phones
Installation Instructions:

Clean Surfaces Thoroughly Before Application
Stick It Against The Back Of Your Mobile Phone Or Device With A Smooth Hard Surface After Removing The Label On The Adhesive
Mount Up Your Mobile Phone To Conveniently Watch Movies, Shows etc. 
Use It At Work, Home, Train, Plane, It Works Anywhere!
Suitable For Both Adults And Children!

Godspeed Innovative Products

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