Riwa Blue Whale Waterproof Electronic Nose Hair Trimmer

By Godspeed Innovative

$6.90 $15.90

Godspeed Innovative Products

A piece of economical and practical designed electronic nose hair trimmer for fast and easy operation. Made from durable South Korea imported plastic parts and rust resistance 420J steel knife - The trimmer is portable with fully waterproof light body case. It's built in security 3 dimension  360 degree rotating head design (Stainless Steel) prevents nasal cavity damage with enhanced functionality. It is quiet, safe for usage and can be easily washed. Inbuilt with guiding light for precise maneuverability and operated by 1 x AA Battery with low power consumption which can lasts for months. An essential travelling and personal grooming device. Unisex and available in beautiful blue.

Package includes 1 x Electronic Nose Hair Trimmer, 1 x Cleaning Brush and 1 x Instructions Manual only (Battery not included).

Godspeed Innovative Products


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