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Customers can be amazing with their reviews

  • By Godspeed Innovative

Godspeed Innovative Products - Today is the special leap day 29th February and the leap year of 2016. Maybe we should blog about something special to match up to this day. Customer reviews are not to be taken lightly by us as a pinch of salt but to be taken preciously as our daily grains of rice. We started out as customers too and we don't have every intention to shift our position from a customer to a seller at least in our hearts. Realistically speaking, we are physically an online seller which provides sales and services of our products to consumers, that fact is undeniable and a reminder to hold dear to our mind. We often perceives from a customer point of view and do our best to perform sales services which we do unto customers like how we want sellers to do unto us when we are customers ourselves. It is amazing how things and positions can be changed when there is a price involved - we have entered into a contract with a customer and the customer paid for the product while we delivered the product successfully. Full stop? We don't think so....

Many a times, anticipating customers reviews can be an excitement. What started out as an initial source of fuel for us to kick start our daily business have become the very important source of energy to keep us going and improving till now. When there is an expectation, there is hope and commitment. Reminiscing the good old days when we had first started out, the adrenaline pumping through our bodies were indescribable! (It still is but on a controlled level) We aimed to accumulate as many positive customers feedback and reviews online as possible. We would endeavor to do something different if not at the very least we tried to be different. As the saying goes - if you want something you never had before, you have got to do something you never done before! We would imagine how a buyer felt or reacted if he/she got their purchases almost within 12 hours after placing the orders online and with us putting it into action. Frankly speaking, that sounds like fun rather than actual business and it was exhilarating. The efforts were worth it and the results were a success with many of the customers after the feedbacks came in. The best customer service mentioned was an overstatement and the pleasure was actually ours to take instead as your support is what we deeply appreciate as you are indeed one of our many best customers up till date. We hope to keep this unique experience and be the best for each and every of our customers vice versa for many years to come. Nothing fanciful and ending this post with just some simple words - A very sincere Thanks to each and every customer whom supported us throughout our business journey till present :) That year was 2014, nope it was not a leap day nor a leap year but we took a leap of faith....the very leap which took us here and now. To be continued....


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